Return to your past and relive the memories that you made so long ago.

Echoes of Lily is a short story interactive fiction game and only a few minutes long. I hope to expand the game in the future.

A very special thanks to Demiero, who composed the credits theme in less than an hour!

Controls (Desktop):

L and R Arrows: Move left and right

UP Arrow: Go upstairs (when in front of stair entrance)

DOWN Arrow: Go downstairs (when in front of stair entrance)

X: Interact

Z: Jump

SPACE: Progress character dialogue/Start Game

ESCAPE: Exit game

Controls (OUYA):

Left Stick: Move left and right

DPad Up: Go upstairs (when in front of stair entrance)

DPad Down: Go downstairs (when in front of stair entrance)

U Button: Interact

O Button: Jump Y Button: Progress character dialogue/Start Game


Download 7 MB
Download 8 MB
Download 7 MB
Download 7 MB

Install instructions

The Windows build works on Windows XP SP3 and up.

The Mac build works on macOS 10.13 and up. It is also compatible with M1 Macs.

The Mac-Compatibility build works on Mac OS X 10.9 and up, but does not include M1 support.

If your Mac throws up a warning about an "unidentified developer" when you try to open the game, simply Control-click the app icon, and then choose "Open" from the shortcut menu that appears.

Development log


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Short but memorable experience. Good job!